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Vicki Sydor Counselling & Coaching




"I have found  NLP  and Time Line Therapy to be the most effective approach I have ever experienced. Rather than focusing on hurtful events, the process helped me to identify my own limiting behaviours and beliefs that were holding me back from living my best life. Through this process, I’ve learned that it isn’t about everyone else, it’s about me and creating positive change in how I think and behave, so I can stop the repetitive negative emotions and perceptions that create a pattern of unwellness. 

Prior to this experience, I had visited different therapists using the traditional talk therapy method and found that rehashing past or even current events over a period of several sessions often left me feeling worse and discouraged and finally, I would give up. 

With Vicki’s insight and guidance, I’ve learned so much about myself in such a short period of time. Her down to earth and friendly personality provide a comfortable atmosphere to feel safe and understood. She has a knack for hitting the nail on the head when identifying emotions even when I wasn’t sure how to enunciate what I was feeling. 

Not knowing what to expect, I was leary of this type of therapy, but I have found that in a short period of time, this process does produce positive and restorative change that is subtle yet effective. I am looking forward to what the future will bring."   

-Holistic Practitioner

“Writing this testimonial is a pleasure & also I feel a responsibility that I have to others who are on the fence about participating in Vicki's coaching. Not only is it possible to heal through her unique methods it is also affordable. Vicki provides several options to make her services attainable. 

My main reason for coming to Vicki was to try & become a young adult who could prosper instead of struggle through life. Thanks to her I am well on my way. 

To elaborate, Vicki has coached me to release negative emotions & thoughts attached to past traumatic events. No longer am I debilitated by my past & therefore able to be fully present in my life. I have experienced dramatic change in my relationships as well as professionally. My self-worth & confidence restored is truly an amazing feeling. I no longer dread & struggle with thoughts of the future. I simply cannot wait to see what I will achieve & experience & this is all thanks to NLP and timeline therapy.”

-Mature Student 

"My work with Vicki has been an entire self discovering journey.  She was like a sounding board I needed to sort everything out and she's helped me put feelings into a tangible concept. I highly recommend this type of counselling for everybody, but especially for those who feel as though traditional counselling methods may not work with them. This was truly a revitalizing experience for me and I wish everyone would visit with Vicki​."

- Trauma Survivor

"Through NLP and timeline therapy, Vicki helped me work through my difficulties with weight loss, motivation and living a healthy lifestyle.  I am finally finding it possible to make good choices for myself.  I am free from the guilt, sadness and stress that I have been carrying around for so long.  I no longer battle against myself and am more clearly on my way to reaching my goals."

- Teacher